Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trade Publications

New Scentless Garment

Developed by a hunter specialties, they made a TEK 4 base layer of clothing, that stops that growth of odor-causing bacteria. " Nylon threads are encapsulated in pure silver and woven into the garment, creating 33 percent more silver content then any other silver based garments. The TEK 4 base layers also feature "catch, move, and release" technology, which traps moisture that moves it away from the body where it can be treated by the silver and evaporated away" Its has pants, shirt, and gloves. This garment can be last a life time, and can also be thrown into the wash with other clothing.

Buttless Tights 

The sheer black hose, that have butt checks cut out in them. These tights are sold at American Apparel
My thoughts on these are open, just because the tights are new, and because I've never seen anything like this before. I'm thinking in a couple of years the regular tights might be called  the granny panties of tights.


 Dog Clothing

The market for dog clothing has grown over the years, not only in dog clothing but also in jewelry,  accessories, footwear and drinks for dogs are now in huge demand.  Every where i go, more and more, i have seen dogs in clothing. It use to be seen in the more up scale areas, but now clothing on dogs are everywhere. They even have dog fashion shows! In my thoughts I love it. I love my dog, and I love clothing.


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