Saturday, March 5, 2011

Environment Impact


One of the latest trends in fabrics are going green, having Eco friendly fabrics in designers collection. Hemp keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, its also real cozy, that you would want to wear the garment to bed. Hemp is very versatile and can be used for many things like, appeal, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishing. It last long in harsh conditions. Hemp is natural and comes from a plant, and grows fast. "Hemp is an annual plant that grows from seed. It grows in a range of soils, but tends to grow best on land that produces high yields of corn. The soil must be well drained, rich in nitrogen, and non-acidic. Hemp prefers a mild climate, humid atmosphere, and a rainfall of at least 25-30 in (64-76 cm) per year. Soil temperatures must reach a minimum of 42-46°F (5.5-7.7°C) before seeds can be planted."

Pricing runs from $9.00 to $19.00 dollars a yard

Major Designers are making clothing that are made with Hemp, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein, are some incorporating Hemp into their collections



Saturday, February 26, 2011

21st Century Retailing


I've found that a lot of boyish styles are in stores right now, starting off with the blazer, seems like every girls has to have one.  Blazers come in all kinds of designs, from solids to strips, and even lace. There worn best with straight legged jeans, and dresses.

Oxford Shoes
Oxford shoes come in almost any color you can think of, they also come in prints like floral, and striped, and lace. You can buy oxfords in heels or flats. Oxfords are worn best with pants, skirts, and dresses, also blazers.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Private Lables and Brands

American Rag
Sold at Macy's
American Rag is for fashion forward juniors and young men line. The line is vintage inspired and has denim and separates. Prices are from $15.00 to $60.00 dollars. American Rag is manufactured in San Francisco, CA.

First Impressions
Sold at Macy's
First Impression's clothing is a line for newborns and infants. this line is known for it's fine soft fabrics and time-honored details. The line includes clothing and matching accessories for boys and girls. The prices are $3.00 to $50.00 dollars. First Impressions is manufactured in China.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trade Publications

New Scentless Garment

Developed by a hunter specialties, they made a TEK 4 base layer of clothing, that stops that growth of odor-causing bacteria. " Nylon threads are encapsulated in pure silver and woven into the garment, creating 33 percent more silver content then any other silver based garments. The TEK 4 base layers also feature "catch, move, and release" technology, which traps moisture that moves it away from the body where it can be treated by the silver and evaporated away" Its has pants, shirt, and gloves. This garment can be last a life time, and can also be thrown into the wash with other clothing.

Buttless Tights 

The sheer black hose, that have butt checks cut out in them. These tights are sold at American Apparel
My thoughts on these are open, just because the tights are new, and because I've never seen anything like this before. I'm thinking in a couple of years the regular tights might be called  the granny panties of tights.


 Dog Clothing

The market for dog clothing has grown over the years, not only in dog clothing but also in jewelry,  accessories, footwear and drinks for dogs are now in huge demand.  Every where i go, more and more, i have seen dogs in clothing. It use to be seen in the more up scale areas, but now clothing on dogs are everywhere. They even have dog fashion shows! In my thoughts I love it. I love my dog, and I love clothing.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Status Symbols

Audrey Hepburn 
Audrey's effect on society was her hair, eye make up and clothing. People would and still like to mimic her hair bang style and her dark hair color. The way she did her make eye makeup, which was black eyeliner on her top eye lid, making it give that  cat's eye look.  Her style in clothing, which was from her area, she would wear a lot of "Dior New look" style kinda dress's, and flats. She showed it was fashionable to be conservative, and gave off a sweetheart vibe.  



Marilyn Monroe  
Marilyn's effect on society was her blonde hair, red lips, and fake eyelashes. Her style in clothing was real sexy and how comfortable she was doing it. She was the first actress to pose for Playboy because she was on the first issue of Playboy. She posed nude. Elton John recorded the song "Candle in the Wind" as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. In February 1953, Marilyn was named the “The Most Advertised Girl in the World” by the Advertising Association of the West. 


Coco Chanel
Coco's effect on society was fashion. 'The little black dress" came from her. She made it OK to wear costume jewelry. She made " little boy" look a fashion trend, she  adapted more comfortable fashions for women. Coco introduced her signature cardigan jacket in 1925. She also introduced pea jackets and bell bottom pants for women. Coco was one of the first to realized dressing famous actresses with her fashions, so that they were walking advertisements.